The Angel of water or the Aqua

Contrary to the impression most people are likely to hold regarding colonic hydrotherapy, you need not concern yourself about decency issues, because both equipments were designed in a way that privacy and dignity are preserved at all time. Only disposables are used.

Both systems have their advantages and inconveniences but I always recommend my clients to try them both. This will give them an indication of finding their best fit. I will be with you at all time throughout the treatment to answer any questions you may have.

Abdominal massage is also offered throughout the treatment.

I recommend the open system
as a first treatment, f
or constipation issue.

The Angel of Water

The Angel of water is an open system. It has a treatment table built in the basin that is plumbed directly to the sewer system. The water is introduced to the colon through the rectum, using a thin plastic nozzle, as big as a pencil, which is either self-inserted or inserted by the therapist. The waste will then pass by that nozzle as you release (the waste does not go back into that nozzle).

The water can be regulated just like in the closed system. The Angel of water encourages natural elimination of the water and wastes as one will be engaged in a reclined position. An illuminated glass viewing tube enables viewing of the eliminated wastes, being flushed into the sewer system.

Watch the video here about
the Angel of Water.

Some people find the open system too intense for their first time as their constipation makes it often that way. However, I would still recommend having the very first treatment with the open system to deal with the constipation issue, by helping in hydrating and softening the faecal matters.

Then for further treatments, carrying on with the closed sytem. Once you had a few treatments on the closed system, you can easily return on the open system, and it will be much more comfortable then.
This is just a suggestion, and if you still prefer to start with the closed system, it's what you should do.

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I take pride in my work so to keep integrity and professionalism at all time during a treatment with my clients.

The Aqua

The Aqua is a closed system. It allows the water to flow in the colon via one hose connected to a 3 inches circumference speculum. The therapist will insert the sepeculum into your rectum.

The water pressure can be regulated so as not to inconvenient for you. The second hose also connected to the speculum, is used to remove the water and wastes from the colon. This same hose enables viewing of the eliminated wastes.

This particular device is based on the pressurized supply of water; however it delivers the water into the colon, under the force of gravity through the flow meter that regulates the incoming water flow.

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The closed system allows the therapist
to add an extra therapeutic effect with the use of an enema throughout the colonic treatment.

Allow 1h30 for your 1st appointment which will include a consultation, an introduction to the chosen system,
the treatment, then  some lifestyle tips to conclude your treatment.

If you need anymore information, please, email or call me on 0207 247 7742 within the hours of 9.30am to 8pm Monday to Saturday,
I will be happy to answer any enquiries you might have.

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Therapies offered at 4 Balance and Health are not substitutes for traditional medical care by your GP, they are complementary therapies that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Should you be aware of any reasons why these therapies are contra-indicated to you or you have a serious health problem, please consult your GP prior to their use.