Why is it beneficial to detox in a waning phase

The Waning Detox is a concept I created for anyone who is looking to truly engage in a fundamental lifestyle change. It is a tailored 3, 5 or 7 day Detox programme, targeting the liver, and of course the gut, on both physical and emotional level. A pre and post Detox period of 8 days is included in the Waning Detox programme before and after your 3, 5 or 7 day fasting programme which will be organised the day of your consultation. The Waning Detox is not about giving you the answer, delivered to you in a box. It is about giving you the tools you need to prepare before consciously engaging in your transitioning process. The Waning Detox fits around a very special time within the lunar cycle, but can also be used at any time throughout the year. When you consult with me, I will explain the programme's flexibility so that we can plan it together and decide whether you want to commit to a 3, 5 or 7 day Detox.

The Waning Detox is tailored to you and this starts with a Blood Group Test to identify your blood type. This will allow you to substitute some fruits and vegetables that you may prefer, from your blood type compatibility food chart, into the Waning Detox recipes. If you would like to see your blood before and after the Waning Detox, a Live Blood Analysis consultation can be booked additionally to the 3 or 5 day Detox plan (one Live Blood Analysis consultation is included in the 7 day Detox plan).

A course of colonics and coffee enemas is incorporated within the Waning Detox and depending on what lifestyle changes (s) you are trying to achieve, Aromaflexology is also available to support you in your journey with the Waning Detox.

Detoxing allowed my body to recognise what was the right fuel for me throughout the years. Try it, and see by yourself as I invite you to experience my own detox program. A comprehensive program I created after years of experimenting myself with a diversity of fasting methods. The Waning Detox is a powerful tool in gaining more energy, enhancing focus and keeping strong and vibrant in a steady way throughout the years. I am really looking forward to introducing it to you when you feel ready to get in touch and book in your consultation with me.

I have used different types of detox throughout the years, until I found what suited my personality, lifestyle and living.
What I believe enhanced it the most, was while on the waning phase. I started to attune to the moon cycles years back, and really noticed the difference in my body's behaviour. I found it an enjoyable routine, as to prepare the body and mind together for a deeper cleansing.

The use of colonic irrigation and enemas has undoubtedly, improved the before and after detox effects too.
I used to detox twice a year at Equinox time. These were the days when I was just starting to experiment, and I really had to force myself into it! As I studied so much about detoxification benefits, and also for personal experience, I really wanted to try it.

I used to put pressure on myself, going for a full two weeks detox. Maybe because that's what I read at the time I should be doing, (I was just going by the book) but I didn't feel it was right. My body wasn't engaging into the process fully. I also would notice that some detoxes were extremely beneficial, while others never really worked for me. I came to realise, that this process simply taught me, what type of detox worked for me, when I should be having it and for how long.

I also reminded myself never to ignore my natural signals, natural instincts and common sense again.
Throughout the years as I have learnt how to Detox, my body came to eliminate certain foods naturally. Foods that I used to enjoy, but knew weren't beneficial to my health, faded away from my taste buds. I explored with other types of foods, which I'd never thought I could eat, and felt their health benefits, therefore, incorporated them more into my daily life.
All I need now, is three to five days detox every month to every two months. This pattern, seems to suit me very well. Some people need less and others need more. If my body needs less, I will at least do one day fast on a full or/and new moon phase, until I am ready to enjoy a longer detoxification period again.

I always have some kind of cleansing time once a month. I also fine tuned my detox mostly coming toward the new moon, has it seems to benefit me greatly. My detox routine helped in eliminating the foods that my body never really liked. After each detox, it seems that the food I liked, became too sickly and sweet. I encourage you to go on The Waning Detox and find out what your body is truly capable in achieving when free from too many toxins!

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