The Waning Detox explained

Have you ever noticed that when we connect with nature's rhythms our bodies feel more balanced? And have you ever noticed how much influence the moon has on your body, on animals and even on plants? The moon's cycles can affect everything we do from detoxing our body, to gardening or even preparing for surgery. Everyone is familiar with the tidal nature of our seas and oceans and the daily cycle of high and low tides. Less well known however is the monthly cycle of Spring tides caused by Full and New moons. During full or new moons—which occur when the Earth, sun, and moon are nearly in alignment—average tidal ranges are slightly larger. This is because the gravitational pull of the sun is added to the pull of the moon causing slightly higher tides. This occurs twice each month.

The Moon is either Waning or Waxing as it changes from a New moon to a Full moon and back again. A woman's menstrual cycle is intimately linked to the phases of the moon, it regulates the cycle and can trigger ovulation and fertility. The Waning moon is the phase when the moon travels from full to new. It fortifies the body's detoxing mechanism. Working with the forces of nature and particularly using this phase, it brings a longer lasting effect on the body's ability to stay clean. The Waxing moon is the phase when the moon travels from new to full. It strengthens the body's regeneration and absorption. Many gardeners use this phase for planting in order to encourage healthier seed growth.

The Waning Detox taps into this powerful lunar cycle to help and increase the bodies ability to detox.

What does the Waning Detox entail?

  • The Waning Detox program is based on either a 3, 5 or 7 day fast during the Waning phase of the moon.
  • A pre-Detox period is included in the Waning Detox in order to prepare the body for the 3, 5 or 7-day fasting period. And this is followed by a post-Detox period to ease the body back to normal food intake.
  • The Pre, Post and fasting phases are planned to coincide with the Waning phase of the moon so that the fasting stage occurs during the Waning phase.
  • The Waning Detox plan provides a shopping list with all the produce you will need to prepare for your Detox plan of 3, 5 or 7 days.
  • 4 Balance and Health offers a complete package of the Waning Detox supplements  on which you will receive 20% discount at the checkout.
  • A blender and juicer are needed for your Waning Detox and I can make recommendations if required.

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