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Our natural detoxification cycle mostly takes place at night until early morning
before we start eating again for breakfast.

About Detoxing

Doctors would say that we don’t need to engage into any Detoxification program, and rightly so. Our body, with a good immune and eliminative functions, is able to deal with the basic everyday exposure to toxins. Detoxification is used to clear and filter toxins, which our body if given the chance, will do very well so to keep our overall body functioning to its best (ie: better memory, more energy, more positivity and ambition, balanced behaviour, ability to deal with stress easier etc...)

This of course, would be the case if we lived in an ideal world of having to handle only moderate stress, breathing pure air, soaking up the sun and exercising regularly and of course, eating natural wholefoods.

But physical and emotional stressors of our modern life have now become so much heavier than our ancestors, that we get an accumulation of toxins build-up within our body, day in day out. This overall toxicity can be overloading to our organs and systems of detoxification such as the skin, liver and gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, uterus, lymphatic system, blood and colon.
It becomes overwhelming to the point that diseases like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome or general symptoms of headaches, tiredness, allergies and skin problems could occur.

Even the scientific world is now emphasizing on how damaging stress has become to our health. And yes, stress becomes toxic if too much of it runs through our body. We lose our vitality, we start putting weight on, we then lose the will to exercise and start a vicious circle of more toxins build-up. We live in a toxic society where chemicals are attacking our body continuously from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the household and beauty products we use and even from the people we meet and talk to.

We should all be aware of how important it is to help our body detoxifying on a regular basis. Especially for those living in a big city with a 24 hours noise and lifestyle. Therefore, alleviating the toxins out of our body as much as we can, in order to give it a chance to help its own detoxifying mechanisms to stay as healthy as possible. Some people would need more frequent detoxification than others depending on their lifestyle.

A common reaction that my clients mostly get from incorporating a course of colonics or enemas, and in some cases both within their Detox program, is that it stimulates their bowel for a better elimination. By doing so, it allows the toxins to be removed faster, therefore, bringing them a sense of lightness, more energy and a better sleep. As long as they followed their Detox program correctly.

A basic detoxification begins with diet and hydration. Factors such as extra water, skin brushing, exercise, rest, sun and fresh air are also very complementary to a detox program, and should be put to use along it to enhance its effect.

When health is lost and needs to be regained, it can become an art to tune back into our body's signals. Detoxifying teaches us again how to connect with our body. With a clearer mind, we can engage with more enthousiasm into fine tuning our body's needs and better our health.

Even the latest research on the therapeutic value of water-only-fasting, has focused on its benefits to our health on an extremely deep level (1). If one was refraining from food for as little as two days, it could regenerate the immune system. But even better, if one was to water-only-fast for the longer period of four days, it could help the body to fight infections and also renew our immune system too.


A water-only-fasting expert called Dr. Frank Sabatino D.C, PhD, health director of the Ocean Jade Heatlh Retreat in Florida (one of the only two fasting centres in the USA) says: "Water-only fasting is one of the most profound, natural and effective tools for detoxification and health recovery".

Of course, water-only-fasting can be extreme and should only be attempted under an expert supervision, but as more researches occur on this healing method, it is worth exploring at least, a plant-based foods and juices as a great way of detoxing and re-setting your health.

What creates toxicity which needs to be flushed out of the body? 

    • Daily body chemical activities
    • Micro-organisms on the body and inside the body
    • Too many negative thoughts and emotions
    • Stress
    • Medication
    • Recreational drugs
    • Foods
    • Caffeine
    • Alcohol
    • Environmental fumes and gases (ie: pesticides, city’s pollution, air-conditioning…)
    • Conventional cosmetics (ie: perfume, make-up, shampoos, shower gels, tooth-paste etc..)
    • Household cleansing products plus many many more...

Detox caution

Always seek for professional advice before starting a Detox.
If one experiments a "Herxheimer reaction", stop your detoxification programme.

Herxheimer reaction explained

It's wonderful to see how many more people connect to the idea of detoxifying, as they exploring deeper into their health.
But the pattern I have noticed with new clients engaging in a detox programme is that, it is not always done properly, and they unfortunately suffer the consequences. In by-passing the pre and post detox advice given from the book or a nutritionist, some people may get all sorts of negative reactions, not truly embracing what a good detox programme has to offer. Intensified side-effects arise from a lack of preparation. Pre and post detox protocol is what will make a detoxification enjoyable and lasting with little or no side effects.

These side-effects are recognised in the naturopathic world as being named a Herxheimer reaction. This reaction occurs when your body detoxifies too rapidly, and toxins are being released faster than your body can eliminate them. You might suffer from nausea, vomiting, headaches and malaise. The more toxins there are to eliminate, the sicker one is when they come out of their body.
Just be aware that engaging into a Detox can be a big change. Think of it that way; if you are going through a new food intake, then you should expect some reactions as the biochemical processes within each cells change.

How to minimise the Herxheimer reaction

• Eliminate foreign chemicals and refined processed foods
• Hydrate yourself by drinking filtered water throughout the day
• Use saunas, baths, herbs and exercise to sweat
• Only use a light form of exercise daily
• Relief your body aches by having an aromatherapy massage
• Use epsom salts in a warm bath and relax in it for 20 minutes
• Lots of sunshine
• Keep the organs of elimination (bowels, lungs, skin, kidneys) open
• Do not increase the dose of herbals
• Take detoxification slowly, one step at a time

Detoxification should not be overdone as it could do the opposite effect and lead one to imbalances within themselves.
The importance of embracing a Detoxification programme is crucial to a lifestyle change.
Something to look forward to rather than making it a chore, is important for successful outcomes.

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