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Colonic Hydrotherapy helps your immune system to help itself, by giving it a chance to breathe and allowing the lymph system to effectively cleanse the body. It is extremely safe, and only takes up to a maximum of 45 minutes.

Single treatment:          

Closed system (The Aqua)       ......................  £80

Open system (The Angel of water)   ..............  £80

Colonic + Enema ..........................................  £85
(24hrs notice is required for Coffee enema)

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(NOT sharable)
These following packages are mainly related around the most common situations that people go throughout life. Starting from constipation, detox program, a quick start to a healthier living or even maintenance. If you have a specific need for an enema treatment, go to the enema menu for more info. You can decide if you would like an enema added to the colonic treatment or prefer an enema only.
Severe constipation is caused by many different factors from a stressful lifestyle, eating processed foods, a lack of fibre and water in our diet, or even ignoring the call of nature too often and not doing enough exercise. Iron supplementation and the use of some medication such as narcotic-type, pain-killers including codeine, and some other medicines used to control blood pressure, are also known to cause constipation. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a great tool for helping along some blockages that one might experience.

I recommend an intensive course of 3 treatments for a 14 days period
for better result before considering a maintenance program.

The reason why it is so important for both men and women to control their weight is because you must know that toxins are stored in our fat cells. Yes, that's right, fats store toxins! Weight gain produces toxins, and toxins get stored in our fats cells. The more toxins produced, the more room is needed to store additional toxins, and indeed you can see that viscious circle of weight increase. Even if our body has got its own detoxifying mechanism, toxins cannot always be expelled by the body therefore these toxins get stored in the liver, kidneys, lungs, joints, pancreas and in fat tissue bringing the body to an inflammatory state.

This is a fantastic package in helping any detoxifying or weight loss program that you might have taken on. You will be able to use these 3 to 6 colonics to help in the elimination process of those unwanted toxins throughout the detoxifying process. Ironically, Detoxifying is by itself a very toxic process!

The yearly package of 12 colonics, is sold on the condition of one colonic per month.
This package is to help people in maintaining their colon's health throughout the year.

Please, refer to the "Terms and conditions" for cancellation policy.

 Validity Colonics with Closed system
(the Aqua)
 Colonics with Open system
(Angel of water)
 Colonic/ Enema
Closed system
  6 months   £210 £210
  12 months £405
 £405   £420
 12 months £780


(24hrs notice is required for Coffee enema)

I do not recommend Enemas alone if there is a long standing constipation issue as it might not have a deep enough effect. I would strongly recommend that you try a colonic irrigation instead. If you have a daily bowel movement and you want to boost up hydration or enhance your gut's health, then we can discuss which enema would be most appropriate for you to have.

(single treatment)

Coffee            ................................................  £70
Herbal           .................................................  £70
Probiotics      .................................................  £70
Wheatgrass   .................................................  £70

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(NOT sharable)

 X  3 Enemas  £195 months validity
X  Enemas £240 4 months validity
X 12 Enemas £660  12 months validity


Both Essentail oil and Reflexology therapy are preventative and soothing healing arts.
Combined together, their goal is to return your body and mind to a state of equilibrium, when too much stress has created imbalances.

5 Elements Aromaflexology
(90 mins)

(Including a consultation and the treatment)   .........  £70

Click here for more info on Aromaflexology
5 Elements Aromaflexology package: (NOT sharable)

4 X Aromaflexology  ...........................................  £250

BLOOD TYPE TESTING:   ..............   £50 (including Dr D'Adamo's booklet: "Food compatibility chart to your Blood Type")

LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS:   ..............  £145 (including Dr D'Adamo's booklet: "Food compatibility chart to your Blood Type")

This 90 minutes LBA consultation will give you a glimpse into the world of your blood. I will put a drop of your blood onto a slide and place it under the microscope. This will be a great opportunity to view the current state and quality of your blood.

What should you expect from this viewing?

I will give you a basic description of the different blood cells encountered in your sample. I will show you a healthy blood picture before we can start viewing yours. This will give you an opportunity to gain an understanding of what you can aim for as to improve your health state. This viewing is also a fantastic tool for witnessing your blood's behaviour throughout your present lifestyle as it will bring forward imbalances you might be going through at this particular time

For your Live Blood Analysis viewing,
please avoid eating or drinking for 5 hours before your treatment, except water.

Click here for more info on Live Blood Analysis


3 Day Package (£450)

  • 60 mins Consultation
  • 3 Day Waning fasting plan
  • Blood Type Testing with compatibility food chart
  • 2 Colonics
  • 1 Colonic/ coffee
  • 1 Enema coffee

5 Day Package (£550)

  • 60 mins Consultation
  • 5 Day Waning fasting plan
  • Blood Type Testing with compatibility food chart
  • 2 Colonics
  • 1 Colonic/ coffee
  • ​1 Enema coffee
  • 2 Aromaflexology Treatments​​

7 Day Package (£650)

  • 60 mins Consultation
  • 7 Day Waning fasting plan
  • Blood Type Testing with compatibility food chart
  • 2 Colonics
  • 1 Colonic/ coffee
  • 1 Enema coffee
  • 2 Aromaflexology Treatments
  • A 30 mins Skype follow-up consultation
  • 1 Live Blood Analysis viewing (choice of before or after the Detox)
  • A mystery free gift​

If you need anymore information, please, email or call me on 0207 247 7742 within the hours of 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday,
I will be happy to answer any enquiries you might have.

Your therapist at 4 Balance and Health Edwige Cabanetos

Therapies offered at 4 Balance and Health are not substitutes for traditional medical care by your GP, they are complementary therapies that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Should you be aware of any reasons why these therapies are contra-indicated to you or you have a serious health problem, please consult your GP prior to their use.