Meet the Therapist

Edwige Cabanetos
Founder/ Director
Multi-discipline holistic practitioner

Debilitating digestive conditions led me to become more aware of my gut. This awareness taught me how to listen to my gut's needs. Only then could I get my health back on track. I promised myself ever since to keep on taking care of it. My approach to gut's health is of holistic nature but mostly emphasising on stress-related gut issues. I believe in preventative care and therefore, my method of finding balance within is simple and effective. I am here to help bringing you back to basics for a long-lasting recovery. I will help you recognise your body stressors causing havoc within your digestive system. We can then decide together which combination of tools is best for your recovery. Your motivation will grow as you see and feel the effects of a self-transformational journey. You will experience unavoidable lifestyle changes and learn how to embrace them. I will then help you keeping up with small but steady  and lasting steps toward recovery.

My mission in life is to assist anyone who would like to tap into their inner resources, and bring back their body into balance at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. With a holistic and integrated mind, my approach combines diverse elements into a whole so to help reclaiming the body's vitality, starting from the gut.

I will be very much looking forward to meeting you soon.