Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do any preparation previously to my treatment?
I strongly recommend to stop eating or drinking anything a couple of hours previously to your Colonic. Ingesting food or drink before your colonic might make you feel nauseous throughout the treatment as digestion is in process. But if you are due for an early morning appointment, I would not advise you to have a treatment on an empty stomach, therefore, make sure you have a fruit or it could also make you feel nauseous while the treatment takes place.
Avoid making an appointment the day after an evening out that involved alcohol intake or a heavy meal as it will not benefit the treatment and will affect your Colonic experience.

I am getting married in a few days, can I come for my very first colonic irrigation?
You are welcome to call me if you would like to discuss what you are trying to achieve for your big day, so we can make a plan of attack. Being your first time, reactions could occur from your first treatment, depending on how troubled your colon is. The aim is to make you feel at your best for your special day as nutritional and lifestyle advice might be given and needed to be put into practice for a minimum of one month. The more notice you can give me, the better program can be taylored to your needs.

Is it safe?
Yes. The water is introduced at a low gravitional pressure. Both Systems are registered FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Colon Hydrotherapy equipment and are used for treatments which features temperature. Only disposables are used.

How long will it last?
A colon Hydrotherapy treatment shouldn't last more than 45 minutes. In the opinion of many Colon Hydrotherapists, the water in the body will put undue pressure on the kidneys if performed longer than 45 minutes.

Will I experience discomfort?
Most people feel quite comfortable, and are even surprised at how comfortable they have felt. Discomfort for some others is of a short duration and passes quickly. Stronger discomfort might be experienced if one has been suffering from long standing constipation.

Will I get result from my first Colonic treatment?
Sometimes, in cases of long standing constipation or considerable nervousness, the first treatment can initially bring a disappointing outcome.
Nevertheless, some waste will be moved during the first treatment, and you may achieve good results after it in terms of having somewhat larger and more regular bowel movements. Wathever result is achieved, it is going to bring some positive changes.

How many treatments will I need?
Only when you had your first consultation and treatment, will I be able to evaluate what is required to your particular needs. A suitable course tailored just for you will be recommended in order to work more efficiently in the progress of your condition.

How will I feel after the treatment?
If this is your first colonic, you might experience some fatigue or headache after the treatment, which could be and mostly is part of a detoxifying process. It is advisable that you chose a convenient time when you know you will be able to relax after your treatment.
It could be after work or a day off from work.
If you had a Colonic before, feedbacks vary from, generally having a greater sense of cleanliness, no more feeling of bloating, feeling energised, lighter, thinner and amazingly relaxed. They usually return to work immediately after their treatment.

One more thing that clients always feel concerned of is the fear of having an accident on their journey back home. Before you go, I will always make sure that you have a drink and you can relax before your journey. You will then know when you are ready to go. Trust your guts feelings!

Will I be given some advice before I leave?
Yes, I will send you an after-care form after your Initial colonic treatment as well as Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. In some cases, I will prescribe a course of Probiotics in order to enhance your colon's health.

Will I lose weight?
You will lose waste therefore more or less weight due to that reason. Some people absorb water and do not release it straight away, especially if their bowel was dehydrated previously. The only proven way to lose weight is to exercise regularly and eat good quality food in reasonable amounts.

Will laxatives or enema achieve the same results?
Laxatives and enemas are not substitutes for Colonic Hydrotherapy. Laxatives act as chemical irritants and stimulate the muscular walls to abnormally contract to expel faecal matters. They can also interfere higher up the alimentary tract where important digestion takes place.
Enemas are helpful to clean out the lowest 25 to 30cm of the colon (Sigmoid Colon), but you are missing out approximately the last 1.2 meter.
Therefore, enemas do not clean the whole colon as thoroughly as Colonic Hydrotherapy. Although, coffee enemas are a powerful tool for liver detoxification.

Can I have a Colonic treatment while on my menstrual periods?
Yes. As long as you do not have strong Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, experiencing abdominal, lower back and pelvic pain as it could make you feel uncomfortable throughout the treatment.

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