The 5 Elements philosophy

We as human as well as all phenomena, are a blend of all five elemental energies and processes.

The 5 Elements

The Five Elements philosophy together with Yin and Yang, is one of the two main pillars of Oriental medicine, first acknowledged in China in the Warring Sates period (476 -221 BC). It was developed by Chinese sages, as to help us understanding the infinite correspondences that encompass every facets of life. This concept has been used throughout the centuries as to applying vital energies within disciplines such as medicine, natural sciences and healing therapies, calendars, astrology, music and politics. These vital energies were used to describe or diagnose imbalances within these fields. Vital energies are all around us as well as part of us, and simply represent natural forces that together form a dynamic whole.

Vital energies such as Yin and Yang can be seen as some kind of polarities, the plus and the minus of life if you like, and if kept in the right ratio, maintain a state of balance. But if disrupted, bring imbalances, wrecking havoc to the system and producing symptoms of excesses or deficiencies.

Yin, is described as being the calming and cooling vital energy while Yang is the energizing and warming vital energy.

I would like to list a few examples as to bring you a better understanding about how the 5 Elements works around health.
Imagine, you suffer from a bloated bowel and gases, feeling discomfort and pain with abdominal distention. You possibly have constipation alternating to diarrhea. The 5 Elements described this set of signs as a "large intestine-Qi stagnation", meaning that your yang is not flowing well. You will likely need to address these discomforts by the mean of nutrition, and maybe a colonic irrigation in order to help your bowel regaining its balance.

Imagine, you are extremely busy at work with deadlines approaching. You are then overwhelmed and start suffering from stress, anxiety and poor memory. Constipation and lower backache start to occur. This set of signs is described as a "kidney-Yin deficiency" as you are missing on the calming vital energy to bring your stress hormone down (your adrenaline, the stress hormone, comes from your adrenals located within your kidneys). Therefore, you will likely need to address these emotional issues by the mean of a relaxation method.
The 5 Elements Aromaflexology is one of the method I offer and highly recommend, to help in alleviating emotional and physical imbalances.

Imagine, you had too much alcohol, fried foods and other energetically heating food and drinks. Your stomach will then have an overproduction of heat (too much yang). You will show an "excess stomach-Yang" as described within the 5 Elements theory, with symptoms such as acid reflux, pain and burning sensations in your abdominal region. Therefore you will likely need to address these discomforts by the mean of nutrition.

It is a simple way to put it, as the 5 Element philosophy encompasses so many different areas of life. I hope this reading will help you to understand it a little bit more. The seasons are strongly connected with the 5 Element philosophy, as to support our body for the transitional time between one season to the next. 

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