5 Elements Aromaflexology
contraindications and cautions

This is a list of some of the conditions when Aromaflexology will not be able to be performed.
Please, check the list before booking your appointment to ensure you are suitable for treatment.

  • Cellulitis (severe)
  • Contagious or notifiable diseases
  • Drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Pending medical tests
  • Thrombosis
Essential oils
If you are aware of any sensitivities or allergies to specific essential oils, we will be able to find alternative essential oils that we can use at your consultation time.

If you are allergic to essential oils, I will not be able to use them for an Aromaflexology treatment.
But I will be able to offer you a Reflexology treatment with a powder or lotion instead.

Alternatively, you are welcome to call me
for any advice or information you may need.

If you need anymore information, please, email or call me on 0207 247 7742 within the hours of 9.30am to 8pm Monday to Saturday,
I will be happy to answer any enquiries you might have.

Your therapist at 4 Balance and Health, Edwige Cabanetos

Therapies offered at 4 Balance and Health are not substitutes for traditional medical care by your GP, they are complementary therapies that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Should you be aware of any reasons why these therapies are contra-indicated to you or you have a serious health problem, please consult your GP prior to their use.