You don't need sugar as much as you think you do

The latest scientific researches have only now, come to the conclusion that sugar is an addictive food.

Are you a sugar junky?

Well... I don't think anyone needed a proof on paper to convince any of us really. We already knew somehow, deep in our heart that something was not quite right, and how much sugar has affected us all.... still does. I have learnt so much about the misleading marketing and selling tricks used by the advertising world, that I had to start reading the ingredients list on everything I'd buy.
Like wheat, I found out that sugar was in most of the packaged foods sold on supermarket shelves, soups included!!

I used to eat out lots, and eat ready meals daily too, which are especially high in salt and sugar. I started by substituting white sugar with brown sugar. But then, I found out that it was white sugar sprayed onto with chemicals, to make it look like brown (cane) sugar. This get marketed as a healthy alternative to white sugar! More untruth...

Then I came across natural substitutes to sugar such as xylitol, stevia, yacon, camu camu, coconut palm sugar, and I am probably missing some. But to realise in the end, that sugar is sugar is sugar, and none of these alternatives are the solutions to stop this addictive food.

All you need to do is wean yourself off sugar, so you can re-teach your taste buds, and enjoy things that aren't as sweet. Otherwise, all sugar ends up doing, is numbing your taste buds, and keep you in that viscious circle of needing more sugar to feed the urge.
This is because sugar makes you become an addictive nature.

Read about dopamine here to give you more understanding on the relationship bewteen sugar and our "rewarding system".

My recommendations:
You tube movie:
"Sugar: The bitter truth" by Dr. Lustig
You tube movie: "Sweet misery, a poisoined world" by Cori Brackett

What sugar really does to your body

  • It depletes your brain of your dopamine stock (our "rewarding hormone")
  • Dopamine deficiency brings you to withdrawal
  • It pushes you to look for more dopamine rich foods or other stimulants (ie: nicotine, morphine, alcohol, more sugary foods, and recreational drugs (ie: cocaine, cannabis...)
  • It could change your brain chemistry (ie: affecting your sleep and becoming an addictive nature, lower your libido etc...)

How to balance out your blood sugar level

  • Start by having a protein source with each meals. It will keep you satisfied for longer. Always remember to switch between animal and vegetal sources. If you are a vegetarian/ vegan, remember to bring in diversity within your choices of foods.
  • Enjoy healthy fats to slow down your glucose absorption and again, keeps you satisfied for longer.
  • Increase fibres to slow down your glucose absorption. They also act as bulking agents, and will make you feel full for longer.
  • Increase your vegetables as they will keep you hydrated. Vegetables are high in fibres, allowing a regular bowel movement.
  • Be wise in the choice of your carbohydrates and go for the healthier options such as the fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains instead of the starchy and dry type of foods (ie: pasta, rice, potatoes and bread).
  • Control your food, don't let your food control you.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Try herbal teas to reduce your sugar cravings (ie: licorice, cinnamon, tulsi)
  • Progressively cut down your sugar intake. You can do it!

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