Making the right choice

One could say that “will power” is the missing link to our choice making, or a "weakness" that leads one to choose that chocolate bar over a healthier food in that craving moment! What is it about our food intake that makes one coming off the wagon so often?
Why does one feel so strongly-powered one day and completely vulnerable the next?

It's all about dopamine

I would like to talk to you about a very tricky hormone called dopamine. One of the many chemical messengers fabricated by your own brain. This body chemical deceives you time and time again, giving you a feel good sensation every time you've achieved or going to achieve something and therefore, put you into a mode of “having the right to be rewarded”.

It could be an academic event which you passed successfully, a Detox or a weight loss program that you are starting next week or next month maybe, closing a professional deal, or even finally managing to iron that pile of laundry that you looked at all week…
You definitely owe yourself a pat on the shoulder! Do you get that feeling of satisfaction? That moment, when you know you deserved a reward.
Well... you will get it anyway whether you want it or not.

Our rewarding hormone

If you pass by that bakery after you've just decided on starting your Detox, but catch a glimpse of that mouthwatering chocolate cake, you will not be able to resist it but buy it and eat it! And all because your dopamine has fooled you into it! As we call it, our "rewarding hormone", yes we have that power!! But one thing that you need to be aware of, is that sugar will increase your dopamine stock in your brain. Yes, sugar makes of this rewarding hormone a way to multiply itself, bringing you to an addictive behaviour! The more sugar you eat, the more you are going to want to eat it.

But this also means, that it will make you want more of wathever makes you feel good. The rewarding mechanism is stimulated, pushing you toward an addictive beahviour. Think twice before eating that piece of cake. We are already vulnerable enough being cheated by our own brain making us coming off the wagon. It is important that we have a way of support, so we can help our body to go back on track.

Whatever that way is, we are all different, and that’s why it is important to observe your own body’s feedbacks, in order to determine which elements are in fact the right fuel for your unique personality. Food is only a starter point and certainly not the answer to everything. If we feed our body with the right physical and psychological ingredients, it should give it a chance to reach a balanced health. Moving forward and reaching out to a better health requires lots of effort to simply step outside the box. I truly believe that education is the key to health improvement. Your health is a full time job and it needs your attention to keep it optimum or you can only watch it decline.

Time to take control for a new you

All you need to do, is experiment in order to get yourself to a more balanced you. Explore and reach out for holistic therapies, try workshops and seminars, grab a book in order to learn about yourself.

Along your journey, you will eventually find out what foods your body thrives on (which should be the right food for your type). You will know when your body thrives from the decisions that you make (that is the self-confidence that you will gain throughout your own journey). And you will also know, when your body thrives on that positive energy that keeps you going for the day, that energy which actually gives you the ambition to want to reach your life goal.

All you need to remember is to choose the food with the less sugar content, and regain control of your "rewarding system".
A viscious circle that you might have encouraged throughout the years. This mechanism simply needs to be slowed down, or your brain may become addicted to the wrong fuel. I found "The mood cure" by Julia Ross, a really educational book at the time I needed more understanding about the brain chemistry. It
is an easy book to read and gives an understanding about our hormones system and their impact on our brain chemistry therefore, our behaviour toward every aspects of life.

If you stay in that viscious circle, you will end up living with an urge that you cannot satisfy.

Use the tools that will support you toward the changes that you decide to make. Nobody else but you will make the decision that is right for you. I would like to share with you, my detailed step by step lifestyle changes from "My journey". I hope it will help you to find your way to a more harmonious health.

My recommendation:
Book: "The mood cure" by julia Ross

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