Why Probiotics enema?

Our bowel hosts about 90 trillion bacteria! And they are there for a very good reason.

Never take for granted the power of your own gut bacteria
Probiotics are living micro-organisms found in our gut. Some of them are called bacteria, and others yeasts and fungi. They are the cleansers of our bowel, and the protectors of its walls. They also are the manufacturers of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, A and K and hormones as well as natural antibiotics. They are capable of telling us when we are hungry or had enough to eat.
They break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates for a better digestion. They combat allergies and inflammation. These are just a few examples from a very long list.

If you were born naturally, you then inherited from your Mum's bugs as you took exit through her vaginal passage. Hopefully you ingested a good quality and good ratio of friendly to the not so friendly bacteria on your way out. This is an important start in life for a balanced mind, body and soul! A balanced eco-system, just like nature itself... Without it, we cannot function to our optimum. Your first step into the world, allowed your gut to build-up its own immune system throughout your childhood.

If you were born C-section, then different bacteria (from a sterile environment) start growing in your bowel.
Researches showed that C-section babies could be more susceptible to developping allergies by age two, and more likely to develop asthma (1). Not having the right bacteria strains or not enough of certain kinds from birth, could jeopardize the digestion of certain foods later on in life, leading to bowel's troubles but also a possible decrease in health.

1- http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130225091904.htm

It is important to nourish our bacteria with the right type of fibers (which is the foods they thrive on) such as beans, chickpeas, lentils, brown rice, spelt, oat, onions, leeks, avocados, pears, apples... Also, bacteria mostly thrive in a more acidic environment, and fermented foods give them just that. So, remember to incorporate these type of foods too for their health maintenance. But most importantly, if one has a lack of fibers intake, which has become very common in today's society, then a course of probiotics or a course of probiotic implants could be extremely beneficial in supporting the gut.

Eventually, we should have about 85% good to 15% harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, but most of us today have the opposite ratio, creating a chronically unhealthy condition. Never take for granted the power of your own gut bacteria. As they are so many of them (approximately 90 trillion!) and come with about 75.000 genes, they can contribute to heal our damaged DNA cells caused by disease.

The healing in the body will take place more efficiently if we make the right health changes to reverse the damage caused.
Maintaining new health choices, will progressively reverse the condition/ disease so we can grow older in a healthier way.

Some exciting new researches are now confirming that as bacteria get passed on from a mother onto their child at birth, the child's own colonies of bacteria as they grow, will be able to help the child improving and reverse some immune and inflammatory conditions, given from their mother's bacteria (2). This means that it is possible indeed to reverse chronic diseases, considering that the right changes are made throughout life from that child. Thanks to the sciences of Epigenetics, your body truly has the power to heal you.

2- Psychopharmacology May 2015, Volume 232, Issue 10, pp 1793-1801,

How does probiotics enema work?

The mucous membrane of the rectum/colon is extremely porous. It will readily absorb administered probiotics with fast delivery to the target area via the bloodstream. This route will produce the same effect as orally administered probiotics, however it acts a lot faster: so many times you will see the effect of an enema in minutes, due to the blood delivery via the portal veins and into the general circulation. The enema is administered at a temperature between 34 to 39 degree Celsius.

Benefits of probiotics enema:
Bacteria and yeasts produce 100's more enzymes than humans for digestion and metabolism. Replacing beneficial body flora with a probiotics, helps in improving our digestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and more. The imbalance of intestinal micro-organisms requires replacing the friendly bacteria on a regular basis orally and/or rectally. Most of us have had diarrhea at one time or another. Using a probiotics enema is an easy way to relieve the symptoms and to re-establish a friendly environment. Diarrhea is normally caused by the bad bacteria overwhelming the good bacteria in your intestinal tract, or an intestinal inflammation.

Our gut doesn't need much to get disrupted and just by a change of environment, its microflora can easily be imbalanced in its good to bad bacteria's ratio. Therefore, remember when you go on holiday, especially abroad, to plan a course of probiotics and/ or a course of probiotics implants, a couple of weeks previously to your holiday. This will strengthen your gut and limit discomfort from a change of foods and water intake.

Probiotics implants could also help in:
  • Alleviating cravings
  • Increase energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Alleviating bloating
  • Prepare for pre and post surgery
  • Support post illness
  • Boosting your intestinal flora post antibiotics treatment

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