WANING DETOX; a beneficial approach
to enhance your detoxification regime

There are so many different detox programs out there, and it’s not a matter of one fits all, it’s more about what is the right detox for your type that will make a real difference. It is also about paying attention to correct timing when starting your Detox. You gain a longer lasting effect detoxing around the right moon phase.

As we connect with nature's rhythms, our body feels more balanced

Have you ever realised how much influence the moon has on your body, on animals or even on plants behaviour. So much so that the moon’s cycles can affect everything we do from detoxing our body, gardening or even preparing for a surgery.

If you were to look at a “high-tides” yearly calendar, you would notice that they come around the full or the new moon period, when a stronger gravitational pull on our oceans and tides are witnessed. These two impulses happen when the sun and the moon are lined up with the Earth. This is a fact and nothing I happened to have made up. They are called the waning and the waxing moon phases, and are characterised by special forces. Women menstrual cycles are intimately linked to the moon cycles, as it regulates their menstrual cycles and can trigger ovulation and fertile times.

They come in a window of two weeks each:

The waning moon is the phase when the moon travels from full to new. It fortifies the body’s detoxing mechanism.
Working with the forces of nature and paticularly using this phase, it brings a longer lasting effect of the body's ability to stay clean.

The waxing moon is the phase when the moon travels from new to full. It strengthens the body’s regeneration and absorption. Many gardeners use this phase for planting, in order to encourage healthier seeds growth.

The main focus is on the waning moon, as colonic irrigation is all about clearing out toxins and therefore, supporting a well-known cleansing method used more in these day and age, called detoxification.

We are more than a system of bones, nerves, muscles and organs that happened to have had the luck, of being kept together by a blind evolutionary chance. We have a body, mind and soul which together form an inseparable unit, and work as a whole with everything else around us. We work with other human beings, with nature and even with the stars. A connection that we need in order to keep a vital, flowing sense of equilibrium between the many elements of life or else, our health cannot truly shine to its optimum. We seem to have lost connection with the rhythms of nature, bringing our body to become out of sink, and opening to more imbalances on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The Waning moon phase is one of those rhythms. It is a moment of taking time for ourselves. It is a time when we can re-connect with our body, and aknowledge the build-up of toxins that took place from the previous weeks. It doesn't have to be physical, but also emotional and it's up to us to work that out. Maybe our body needs to be cleansed out of those toxins and letting go of polluting "stuff". That's what the waning phase is all about, bringing the right environment for the body to put its cleansing system on. The waning phase has actually a detoxifying influence on the body, that if we connect to this special time, we can enhance our body's detoxification mechanism.

There is no need to travel to the other side of the world, in order to get the moon's influence and benefits it has on us. It's there wherever we are, it's just a matter of being aware of it, understanding how it works and making the most out of it. It's free and available.

A very simple but yet natural approach to eliminate the excesses out of our body, is to follow the right moon's phase. Naturally, our body attunes to the moon on so many levels. All one needs to do is to be aware of it and use it for a deeper self-connection. When you first connect with the moon cycles, it's actually a lot of fun. And it's real... You can learn so much about yourself. There is nothing more wonderful to be attuned to the moon! When you start to explore, you will notice differences in your body's behaviour throughout a month period, and will start getting to know yourself in a different way. A deeper, true connection.

The Best time to Detox

The waning phase detox:
Time to pause and reflect on what's been happening with your body for the previous weeks. Choose any days within the two weeks waning phase period to enjoy your Detox program.

The four seasons Detox:
As the ancient Chinese Medicine believes, we should live in harmony with the four seasons, as they have a profound repetitive effect on our growth and well-being. We should not forget that changes of seasons have an impact on our behaviour, as we are influenced by their climatic changes. But also the influence that the moon has on earth and everything in it. Start detoxing around the waning moon phase for each season to enhance your body's detoxifying mechanism.

  • Spring March 21st   ................................   (Mar 12th - 28th)
  • Summer June 21st   ...............................   (Jun 9th - 24th)
  • Fall September 21st   .............................   (Sept 6th - 20th)
  • Winter December 21st   .........................   (3rd - 18th)

The one day fasting:
Once you have become regular with your detox throughout the years, you can incorporate one day fasting per week. Both the full and new moon, prevail a short period of special influences on us as well as animals and plants. A natural way to avoid sickness, since the body's capacity for detoxification is at its highest. The avoidance of solid foods is one of the most effective methods of Detoxification yet quite extreme. But to give a rest to your digestive system one day per week, is also good practice to prepare for your next Detox program, and a tool to health maintenance.

The full moon: throughout these few hours, the moon exerts a noticeable force on humans, animals and plants. Therefore use just this one day to fast if not able to commit to a full Detox, as it is meant to enhance the flushing out and detoxification mechanism of the body.

The new moon: there will be a short period of special influences on human beings, animals and plants on this day too. Use just this one day to fast, as the body's capacity for detoxification is, like at the full moon, at its highest.

The time when the body's Detox is enhanced the most is at the Equinoxes, such as the Spring and Fall.
As Spring arrives, and your body comes out of a long period of cold and dark weather, it is a good time to kick start or boost up its detoxifying mechanism again. When your body prepares for Winter, detoxify to strengthen your immune system.

March 20th (refer to the Waning phase calendar for dates, in order to plan around the Equinox)

Sept 23rd (refer to the Waning phase calendar for dates, in order to plan around the Equinox)


Waning phase calendar 2017 for your detox

"Anyone who practices medicine without taking into account the movement of the stars is a fool"

 Moon phases
 Full moon
12th 11th12th 11th 10th  9th9th
 New moon
 28th 26th 28th
 26th 25th 24th 23rd

 Moon phases
 Full moon
 7th 6th
 5th 4th 3rd
 New moon
21st 20th 19th 18th 18th

How to use the waning phases calendar?

I gathered all the dates of the waning moon phases throughout 2017 in this calendar to make it easier for you. Use it when you are ready to start your Detox. The waning phase always happens between the full and the new moon, which gives you a two weeks period to complete your Detox including the day of the full moon and the day of the new moon.

The full moon in your calendar is represented by a white disc. The moon has completed half of its journey round the earth, and the side facing the sun now stands like a bright round disc in the sky, the full moon is in force.

The new moon in your calendar is represented by a black disc. When the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun, its face is completely covered in darkness, therefore, on earth, the new moon is in force.

Just note that the new moon's impulses, are not as strong and as immediate as those of the full moon, due to its reorientation toward the next phase, the waxing moon, therefore does not take place so violently as it does at full moon.

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